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26 December 2009 @ 08:38 pm
State of the Muse!  
I said this back when the new Doctor was first announced, but given my recent quietness, I feel the need to reiterate, especially given my recent fail in writing: I'm not going to stop writing my Eleven.

That said, she's officially AU now for which Rusty is making me grateful, and I'm waiting on new canons to decide whether to write any of Matt Smith!Doctor into Claudia Black!Doctor. WE SHALL SEE. At the moment, though, I'm thinking her divergence point is The Waters of Mars, possibly even with a quiet blackout of some of the, er, odder elements of RTD's reign. I'll probably be experimenting with that in the future.

And maybe find her an RP! Who knows? Also, because I have this giant post already, and I've been ridiculously missing my icons, if anyone would be willing to give an icon addict her boost? I actually have extra userpics bought for her, because of a Thing, but I can't swing the paid time which is really sad. D:

/begging in the Cone of Shame

Also I have this timeline of her fics for me to tweak into a proper timeline thing in the future.

the beginning.
the long, dark teatime of the soul.
(pick one room in your house/TARDIS/apartment/ship/whatever to explore/describe.)

early days.
the letter. (+ K-9, Mk VI)
(write two letters: one to someone you hurt and one to someone who hurt you.)
whatever happened to sarah-jane smith? (+ K-9, Mk VI, SJA crossover)
(talk about something you lost.)
random encounters of the third kind. (+ Mike)
(appearances can be deceiving.)

did you know.

swinging on a star. (+ Diane Holmes)
glass. (+ Diane Holmes)
woman for all seasons. (+ Diane Holmes, the Rani)
(fashion statement.)

dial p for penguin, part one. (+ Frobisher)
(in which the Doctor and Frobisher embark upon a mystery.)
dial p for penguin, part two. (+ Frobisher)
(in which the adventure continues.)

the most dangerous of all the gods.
(once upon a time, very long ago.)
quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
(who watches the watchmen?)

at the beach.
interrogations & mix-ups.
(what do you live for?)
picnicking. (+ the Master)
(is redemption truly possible?)
(you've temporarily turned into a child. what do you do?)

opposites attract. (+ the Master)
(what would a description of your *exact opposite* be like?
dr. smith and the catacombs of fire." (+ guest narrator)
(an adventure story.)
eternity. (+ The White Guardian, the Black Guardian)
(forest & creek)
dårlig ulv stranden. (+ multiple, multi-era companions)
(what are you afraid of?)

the beginning of the end.

kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. (+ the Master)
(now what?)
these are the scars that silence carved. (+ ?)
(once upon a time can be overwritten.)

fairy tale.
happy endings.
the past is never dead.
what do you think?
something blue.
(write about something old, something new, or something borrowed.)

the longest day (linearly).
a recipe for distaster.
heaven's bright light.
(a friend asks you to recommend a book: which book would you choose and why?)
the girl from u.n.i.t.
or, through the looking glass, and what the doctor found there.

3 A.M.
the five steps to a successful negotiation.
abandoned projects.
the doctor's guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

holiday special.
santa claus is coming to town.
a smith family christmas. (+ Luke Smith Has Two Mommies)
we have heard on high. (+ Luke Smith Has Two Mommies

stories of dubious reality.
sleeping on the couch. (+ Harry Sullivan, Dennis Creevey, Ace McShane, Sarah Jane Smith, the Master [Delgaldo].)
doctor who and the curse of etheric beam locators. (+ the other au female Doctors)

split-second decisions. (+ Inara Serra, Kaylee Frye)
the oncoming baby. (+ the Obstetrician)
to dodge a flying flowerpot. (+ Donna Noble, joss'd)
time and tide wait for no man. (+ Diane Holmes, the Rani, Mike, Dennis Creevey, Donna Noble)

r-e-s-p-e-c-t. (+ multi-era, multiple companions.)
(what does respect mean to you?)
copacabana. (+ the Fifth Doctor)
(what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done while sober?)
insights, exploits, and considerably more than you wanted to know about the number of times the world almost exploded. (+ spoilers for the Waters of Mars and the Christmas special)
(write page 57 of your 300-page autobiography.)

the fastest escape. (+ Jenny, Bart Allen.)
(hairy situation.)
customer service. (+ the cast of Chuck)
the doctors' traveling show. (+ Leonard McCoy)
these are the voyages. (+ Leonard McCoy, James T. Kirk)

as time goes by. (+ the last Doctor)
needs. (+ multiple companions, multi-era)
follow the white rabbit.
(discuss an individual who has scared you.)

q's guide to courting doctors.
q who?
(congratulations! you've been granted one wish. what is it?)
four doctors, a q, and a pizza place restaurant.
mon valentine.
(have you ever seduced someone or has anyone ever seduced you?)
specious. (+ Luke Smith Has Two Mommies)

the wizarding world.
five pets dennis brought on board the TARDIS. (+ Dennis Creevey, the Master)
in which eleven and dennis babysit the doctor. (+ Dennis Creevey, the Tenth Doctor)
(scary monsters.)
uncommon comrades. (+ Bart Allen, Luke Smith)
{write about a time you were outsmarted./"Dennis, Luke and Bart, left alone in the Doctor's TARDIS!")

luke smith has two mommies.
five instances luke had two mommies.
what food will you never eat again?